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We’re bringing back the YEARLONG 277.7 challenge.

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What is Tortugaman Challenge & How Did it Start?
Tortugaman started in 2011, inspired by Christopher McDougal’s 2010 book “Born To Run”. We adopted his mentality ‘MAS LOCOS’ and borrowed Coach Willie’s Navy team slogan “Start Slowly Then Ease Off”, to create the TORTUGAMAN CHALLENGE. This CHALLENGE has taken many different forms over the years. It’s been a yearlong race, it’s been a weekend Ironman, a SuperSprint. It is whatever we envision it to be year to year.

2016 we’re bringing back the yearlong 277.7 CHALLENGE. Join the TORTUGAMAN CLUB then add together all sanctioned runs, rides, triathlons, swims and adventure races. Meet or exceed 277.7 miles from Jan to Dec 2016 for PRIZES!

Tortugaman Rules

Membership Terms, Conditions & Benefits

* Memberships paid monthly – MUST SIGN ANNUAL CONTRACT – certain benefits may be postponed 3-6 months.



  • All TeamWorks coached athletes are honorary Tortugaman Club members and may attend group training. Upgrade to Basic or Premium membership, please join monthly or annually via registration.
  • Membership starts on the date of imathlete online registration + payment, good for the calendar year.
  • Must sign ‘risk assumption’ and ‘hold harmless’ agreement to participate. Must be a member of USAT.
  • Annual registration best value. Monthly payment option through imathlete. *Premium members paying monthly may order free Tri Suit/Cycling Jersey after 6 months of dues.
  • Optional group swims with ESMS (Eastern Shore Masters Swimming). Swim practice – Mon, Wed, Fri. Must be a member of Fairhope Pool or pay daily fee to enter. Must join USMS (annual membership-$45) after first 30 days – PREMIUM CLUB MEMBER free.
  • Corporate memberships available @FAIRHOPE FITNESS 24. Reg. price = $60/mo. TC price = $33.00/mo.
  • Current partners include; Xterra wetsuits, Karbon Speed racing wheels. See website for additional sponsor and local retailer deals (FLEET FEET, RUN-N-TRI, PRO CYCLE & TRI, and others).
  • TORTUGAMAN CLUB offers reward tickets for prize drawings to its members for triathlons accomplished, referring new members, participation/volunteering @TWC events, meeting training challenges and more.
  • Option to serve on Tortugaman Club Advisory Board – see application.
Tortugaman Details
Tortugaman Challenge
  • 7 *or more* EVENT MILES JANUARY TO DECEMBER 2016 (Choose from any sanctioned event such as swim, bike, run, triathlon, duathlon, aquathon-splash & dash, aquabike, adventure races and rides.)
  • April 1ST, start totaling event miles only from the month in which you registered. *Must be able to track posted results or show ‘Finisher Medal/Finisher Photo’.
  • Top miles over 277.7 in 2016 receives cash prize of 10% Total TORTUGAMAN CLUB registration $$.
  • TORTUGAMAN miles include Obstacle course/Spartan races for minimum 5 points. Super Spartan = min. 10 points.
  • Stand-alone sanctioned open water swims + pool swims count 10x (ex. 1 mi open water swim = 10 points)
  • Earn the MAS LOCOS TORTUGAMAN T-shirt as soon as you reach 277.7
  • 2016 TORTUGAMAN party in December (TBA) to award prizes.
  • Special prize to everyone who hits 277.7 race miles on the nose!
Tortugaman Club Basic Membership
  • $14.99 per mo. or $149 annual
  • Member packet – includes team hat plus the following:
  • Enter the 2016 TORTUGAMAN CHALLENGE!
  • Tortugaman Facebook group
  • Includes half price discount on USAT OR USMS annual membership (your choice.)
  • Free resources training articles, videos, drills on Teamworks website
  • Attend all TeamWorks group training- swim, bike, run, including monthly Triathlon Tough surprise workouts.
  • Half price on TeamWorks hosted swim, bike, run or multisport events: May Mock Tri, Swim clinics, Flat tire clinics, Duathlons, Obstacle course training, etc.
  • Wholesale pricing Team uniforms/gear (tri suit, cycling jersey, t-shirts, swim caps, hats, water bottle, etc.)
Tortugaman Premium Membership
  • $24.99 per mo. or $249 annual
  • Premium Member packet – includes T-shirt, hat plus:
  • Enter the 2016 TORTUGAMAN CHALLENGE!
  • Tortugaman Facebook group
  • Includes USAT OR USMS annual membership (choose one)
  • Attend FREE all group training PLUS TeamWorks hosted swim, bike, run or multisport events: May Mock Tri, Swim clinics, Flat tire clinics, Duathlons, Obstacle course training, etc. Includes monthly TRI TOUGH SURPRISE SATURDAYS.
  • 20% Discount on TeamWorks custom training plans.
  • FREE Team uniforms (choose one – tri suit, cycling jersey)
  • Agreement to wear team uniforms in all races!
  • Free resources training articles, videos, drills on Teamworks website
  • Tortugaman Club board members – must be premium member: Receive ATP outline for your race year.

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